School Wellness



The School Wellness working group is a network of researchers and school health practitioners initiated in 2014 to share ongoing work pertaining to school wellness policies, programs, and practices, and to foster partnerships for continuing this work.

The working group aims to identify and address research and practice gaps and is focused in particular on the implementation and evaluation of district policies, state laws, and federal policies and their impact on wellness practices in K-12 school settings.


The goal of the School Wellness working group is to support the establishment of strong local school wellness policies and their successful implementation in US school systems/districts and schools, consistent with the requirements of the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

Key Activities and Findings

Key Activities include:

  • Identified interested stakeholders and created working group. Members include academics and representatives from non-profit agencies and school systems (n=49)
  • Hosted formal presentations by members during bimonthly meetings via conference call
  • Facilitated on and off-line information sharing
  • Prepared and submitted a conference abstract
  • Initiated first working group project
    • Identify tools for measuring wellness policy implementation via systematic review and member communication. Develop measures repository.

Future Activities:

  • Hold monthly meetings with speakers, planned/scheduled in advance
  • Grow membership with planned outreach to content experts and those with school district or building level expertise
  • Resubmit or repurpose conference abstract
  • Complete current working group project
  • Generate new working group projects


Download the School Wellness Policy Overview for more information

View the December 2015 presentation on ‘Culinary Bootcamps for Food Service Providers’ here:

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Erin Hager, PhD
University of Maryland
School of Medicine

Lindsey Turner, PhD
Boise State University

Hannah Lane, PhD, MPH    

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics, Growth and Nutrition Division