Call for abstracts: Journal of Applied Research on Children, Volume 6, Issue 2: Nutrition and Food Insecurity

For the eleventh issue, Nutrition and Food Insecurity, the CHILDREN AT RISK Institute invites original research concerning: contributing factors of disparities in nutrition, food insecurity and the creation of food deserts, the prevalence of undernourished and food insecure children and resultant physical, social, emotional and cognitive effects, interventions and strategies to address nutrition and food insecurity; and an in depth look at policy surrounding these circumstances.

The CHILDREN AT RISK Institute is seeking:

Original Research Articles– data-oriented evidence on prevalent nutrition and food insecurity issues and what programs and policies are needed to combat these issues; this will make up the bulk of the issues content. Cross-sectional, longitudinal, experimental studies, literature reviews, and meta-analytic studies are invited.

Perspectives from the Field– first-hand practitioners experience, how research affects you in the field and what work and policy changes need to be addressed

CFP Nutrition and Food Insecurity