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    NOPREN fosters identification of effective policies for improved nutrition and obesity prevention through collaborative research and evaluation


NOPREN Network-Wide Monthly Webinar

Overview of State Medicaid Efforts to Address Food Insecurity


School Wellness WG Monthly Call

Contact Gabby McLoughlin (gmclough@iastate.edu) for more details.



CDC COVID-19 Guidance (NEW) on Child Care Programs Serving Essential Workers



COVID-19 HER Resource Manager

Shareable google spreadsheet created by RWJF HER that lists funded research/projects, publications, and resources related to food insecurity or diet quality/nutritional adequacy and COVID-19.

Feeding Low-Income Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

New England Journal of Medicine – Perspective

Kids Hunger Doesn’t Take a Spring Break

These fact sheets highlight practices, regulations & resources for school districts to provide healthy school meals over the break, even while closed for COVID19.